Personnel consulting in the digital age.

How do you react to the increasing volatility of the markets and the new requirements?
What is important in personnel decisions is the fusion between the task at hand and team skills. With a harmonious team and the right skill set, you will achieve your company goals. Our industry-focused network will help you to do so!

ONE HAND RECRUITMENT is your direct contact for the placement of specialists and executive personnel from automation, plant engineering, machine learning, big data, industry 4.0, agile teams & software development in the areas of production & procurement, technology & development, marketing & sales and administration & logistics.

The foundation of our personnel consulting is based on over 20 years of operative experience in decision-making positions.

Through the constant exchange with the specialists and managers in our network, we can react to market developments ad-hoc. In doing so, we understand the requirements of your industry, the needs of your departments and generate a sustainable, joint growth co-creation with you.

We work purely on the basis of success. No placement, no payment.
Your risk? Practically 0.

How can you be sure ONE HAND RECRUITMENT is the right partner? Our process, disclosed for you.

In our networks are constantly active. We are in daily contact with relevant specialists and executives and thus keep ourselves up to date, regardless of any special candidate search. By attending industry-relevant meet-ups, we are constantly developing these contacts and thus expanding our network.
We carry out your recruiting assignment as a partnership project. Together with your relevant decision-makers, we coordinate the requirements of your job description with the profile of the candidates in question in dialogue with you. This enables us to carry out your assignment in a targeted and efficient manner on our behalf.
We ensure direct access to the best candidates in your industry. In personal dialog with the relevant experts, we determine their qualifications and professional experience in advance. This enables us to identify potentially suitable candidates for your vacancy and to find out their willingness to change jobs. In this way we can ensure that we only offer you qualified candidates who are explicitly interested in your company.

Your mandate is a consulting assignment for us. By presenting you with candidates that match your vacancy, you will receive suggestions for filling the position and will be provided with sound and meaningful personnel profiles. Together with you, we evaluate these suggestions and in further dialogue with you we can agree on the next steps in the recruiting process.

We actively support you throughout the entire recruiting process and are in constant contact with the candidates. By regularly exchanging information with you and the candidates, we ensure that we are always up to date in order to eliminate all short-term uncertainties.

Our placement activities are exclusively target-oriented. We advise our candidates to take their next career step. Not least in the contractual phase, we offer mediation and consulting services to achieve an optimal placement success for all parties.

Our placement work does not end after the signing of an employment contract. If it has been successful in the sustained future, we will continue to be at your disposal as contact persons. Together we will reflect on the completed process and, if necessary, in cooperation with you, we will look for improvement possibilities for future analog projects.

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In cooperation with you, we develop an adequate candidate requirement profile for your respective vacancy based on your job advertisement. On this basis, we present suitable potential candidates to you. We carry out the entire personnel recruitment process for you, starting with the identification of the candidate and ending with his or her presentation in your company. Our aim is to present hand-picked and professionally experienced top performers of your industry and to support you professionally.