Who we are.

ONE HAND RECRUITMENT was founded to make workforce consulting simple again. Together with our clients and candidates we are developing the future of personnel recruitment. We see ourselves as middlemen and cut a path for both sides into the jungle we call the job market today.

The unique combination of digital tools, personal contact and consulting experience enables us to develop process innovations from which our network can benefit unfiltered.

The interdisciplinary experience from the areas of sales, marketing and management consulting enables us to put ourselves in our clients’ shoes, anticipate developments and create a win-win-win situation for all sides.

Our culture

Basis for our community of values. If you value direct feedback, are looking for a motivating environment, want to show initiative and have a constructive approach to mistakes, we look forward to meeting you.

Our culture is based on the following 4 pillars:

Openness and respect define our relationship with each other at eye level.

Let’s go! We are pushing ourselves together to the goal!

You want something? Stand up for it!

Shit happens! We support you in your development – making mistakes is allowed.


Our employees are always paid in two currencies. Appreciation and salary.

You want to become a career coach and drive your own development? We provide you with the foundation to become a consultant or team leader. Interest attracted? Please send us your inquiry. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Guaranteed.


Our sophisticated onboarding includes technology training, market analysis, personality training and ensures that you learn everything you need to succeed.

We offer you various further education programs and build your strengths together.

Together we will create your personal method kit and give you the opportunity to receive individual and authentic advice.

We will find the right mentor for you and enable a quick start to your career.

We share your and our success

OPMC operational Management Consulting aims to share our success through your commissioning with children in need in third world countries.

OPMC takes over or extends existing sponsorships with newly acquired or reassigned clients at PLAN International Deutschland e.V.

We would be pleased – regardless of our commitment – if you would like to find out more about PLAN and consider supporting them.

Thank you very much!

OPMC übernimmt oder verlängert bestehende Patenschaften bei neu gewonnenen oder erneut beauftragenden Mandanten bei der PLAN International Deutschland e.V.